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Innovation Edge
Marketing & Communications Manager
Widespread positive early childhood development is to a thriving society what water is to Cape Town at the moment - at risk and sorely needed.
As the Marketing & Communications Manager for Innovation Edge, I am constantly on the lookout for new ways of sharing the importance of investing in early childhood development. A large portion of my work focusses on finding and developing platforms for the distribution of stories – those that shine a light on the success of our investees, as well as tales that highlight failure and the lessons we’ve learned.

Having been involved in marketing, communication and public relations for more than a decade, I have developed the knack of being able to collect, craft and communicate engaging content at the right time; to the right audience; in a way that inspires sharing. When I left my previous role as Strategic Communications and Content Manager for Cape Town Tourism, I was determined to find a space in which I would be able to use my skills to make a fundamental difference to the world we live in.
I have found that space.

My view on innovation is that it happens when vivid insight and purposeful action meet.